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The following files available for download are intended for use in Valve's Half-Life deathmatch, Team Fortress Classic, and Gearbox's Opposing Force titles and are the accumulation of years of playing on public servers and/or downloading from publicly available sources. They are provided for entertainment and archival purposes and not for profit or personal gain to the owner or owners of The Gman's House. All original works are properties of their original owners or creators. Content may be removed at any time by request of the proven respective owner or at the discretion of The Gman's House. Likewise, if that owner would like to replace their material with a newer version, provide a compressed folder containing a complete map installation* with their credits, or otherwise participate in the addition of content available at The Gman's House, further arrangements may be possible and proper recognition will be given unless anonymity is prefered. We at The Gman's House do not assume responsibility for any negative or undesired consequences resulting from the use or acquisition of the content provided here. You are downloading at your own risk. Certain bsp** files may possibly require specific wad files. Some bsp files will not load with the correct skyboxes if you do not install them. Other anomalies may occur not intended by the original map design if all the files required by that map are not properly installed. It is not guaranteed that we at The Gman's House have all the necessary files. We at The Gman House apologize for the lack of readme files that may have came with much of this material, but would also like to recognize the talents of all the original designers and hope they find this collection a testament of their combined works. We would also like to reiterate that these files are provided for ENTERTAINMENT and not for profit. Donations however are appreciated; bandwidth is not free.

* a "map installation" for the sake of this disclaimer refers to any and all files necessary for a compiled map (or bsp file) to function as it was originally intended by it's author or creator

**bsp (binary space partitioning) is the file extension used for a compiled map

Map Packs and Model Packs

Mario Map Pack
KitKat Map Pack
Dragon Ball Z Map Pack
Cell Shaded TFC Player Model Pack
OmegaLE's Anime Player Models

Miscellaneous, Custom Team Fortress Classic Files

Chrome Grenade Launcher
Chrome Super Nailgun
Custom Death Sprites (for atypical deaths such as being squashed by doors, blown up by dispensers, etc)
Female Engineer Model
Pink Ammo Bags
"High Tech" Green Hud
Fire Font Hud
Blue Conc Explosion (turns emp explosions green in addition to making conc explosions blue)
White Muzzle Flash
Orb Rockets
Bright Green Crosshairs
Gunblade Crowbar Replacement
Mallet Umbrella Replacement (I pulled this model from a completely different HL mod ages ago.)
Hallelujah Grenade Timer
Detpack Charge Sound With Warning
Grid Textures (flexy's wads)

Half-Life Deathmatch

Player Models

Goldsource Map Components

BSP files (maps)
WAD files (data packages - mostly for textures)
Map Info (text files for in-game map descriptions)
RES Files (server-side resource files used to force addtional content downloads to clients)
Overhead Views (used for spectate mode)

A complete skybox is composed of six images:


Tools and Utilities (off-site links)

Nem's Tools (GCFScape, BSP Viewer, and more)
Half-Life Model Viewer
Wally (A simple, handy, freeware texture editor. Especially useful for making custom Half-Life decals.)
Infranview (An excellent image viewer. Good for work with Half-Life skyboxes.)
PakScape (Reliable pak file viewer and editor.)
Porting Goldsource content to Source

Copyright (C). 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 www.thegmanshouse.com